We invest in experienced teams with deep expertise in technologies for the connected ecosystem. Beyond domain knowledge, we partner with people who align with Stormbreaker’s values: gritty, tenacious and conscientious.

Global Telecom Develops Hardware, Software, And AI Solutions That Enable A Reliable, Secure, And Connected World, Including Fixed Wireless And IoT Solutions.

Aervivo enables ISPs to solve their connectivity challenges by providing a fixed wireless, platform-as-a-service solution.

Beehive AI, the Qualitative Intelligence (QI) platform, is the scalable solution to answer the question of what motivates customers to act.

AI-powered application security testing.

Cameyo is a cloud-native Digital Workspace solution that delivers Windows and internal web apps to any device from the browser, enabling remote workers to be productive from anywhere.

Ara Screens is a digital out of home network solution provider, DOOH smart signage operator, and the world's leading car-top and in-car advertising placement provider for Rideshare & Taxi.

Chatdesk uses machine learning to enable companies to scale their customer support team with the click of a button.

Cloudrise focuses on securing data wherever it resides.

CodeZero enables anyone to easily connect existing cloud applications to navigate the world's ocean of data.

inFeedo offers an AI bot that engages employees & predicts attrition.

Kaizo improves team’s operational efficiency, performance, and engagement with an AI-powered KPI orchestration platform that turns support-performance metrics into actionable, gamified insights.

Automated risk identification, powered by computer vision.

SenseIP revolutionizes the way tech companies manage their IP portfolio using an AI-based IP/ERP SaaS platform that maximizes value and aligns IP and business strategies.

Teal is at the forefront of the extremely fast-growing IoT, Private LTE & 5G space, enabling global IoT and private network services through an intelligent, cloud-based eSIM platform.

Remote-controlled last mile delivery and logistics

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